SEO Marketing

Marijuana businesses increasingly need reliable and professional search engine marketing to reach local and state wide patients and local and national customers for their related products. We are a professional marketing company that can assist you in this ever growing and important process for your legal Marijuana business.  Following is a brief description of SEO and Adwords campaign services that we provide.

Organic SEO:

Our goal is to get your business listed at the top of organic local and global web search engine result pages for Cannabis related searches. Once you sign up with us we will work with you to achieve this goal.

How it works:

  • We will create a keyword rich ‘landing page’ that looks similar to your page. (If you do not have your own page we will make one.)
  • We will provide original unique content about the subjects you choose.
  • We will optimize your landing page to show up at the top of organic local and global web searches.
  • We will route potential clients from your landing page to your website.
  • We will create back links to your landing page.
  • We will create a new listing or update your current places account.
  • We will optimize your landing page for local search.
  • We will work with you to pick your keywords.
  • We will track your impressions (views) and clicks in order to keep statistical information and track your progress.
  • We will advise you on your existing web site to track your performance. (analytics)
  • We will advise you on how to constantly improve your conversion of views to clicks.
  • We will keep you updated on your campaign performance.
  • You keep track and report to us your new clients/patients that inform you that they found you online.


Improved Ad-Words:

Let us handle your Google ad-words!

  • We are experts in ad-words. Most of our clients are surprised to find out that maximum bid is not the main factor that dictates where your ad is listed in the search engine results pages (SERPS) or how much you pay per click. The most important factor is your quality score.
  • Basically, your quality score is based on the content of your landing page that you link to in your ad.
  • It is also effected by positive feedback that Google determines. When a user puts in their search term, ads are shown. Google determines how relevant your ad is to that particular search term by how many people click on your ad.
  • Over time they are able to see which ads are the most relevant to the search term. They call this the “click through rate” (CTR). A higher CTR increase your quality score.
  • The rest of the quality score is determined through Google’s propitiatory algorithm (“Pagerank” named after Google founder, Larry Page). Just like their search results, they claim there are “500 million variables and 2 billion terms”.
  • How are we different from every other SEO when it comes to ad-words? Most marketing companies run ad-words that link to your site. The quality score is then determined by the quality of YOUR site. We run ad-words that link to our ‘landing page’ which then links to your site. We therefore have direct control of the quality score. Remember, quality score is even more important than max bid.
  • What do we achieve by doing this? Your clicks will cost less per click! Your ads will appear higher in the search results, often in the top three and sometimes number one for less cost per click than your competitors. This then results in more quantity of clicks per day for your maximum daily dollar allowance.
  • In summary: Allow us to manage your pay per click and organic SEO and we guarantee you a top spot in organic SERPS, local SERPS and ad-words at the same time as reducing your cost per click.

Contact us for a free no obligation online demonstration, or in person in California.