Effects of Marijuana

Short and long term effects of Marijuana can differ from person to person. Some types of Marijuana can produce an upbeat and lively effect, while others have a more sedative and relaxing effect.

Generally, marijuana is known to heighten the experience of doing things. So for instance, going on a hike in the mountains while on marijuana may seem more visually and/or physically stimulating or appealing than if one wasn’t under its effects. Alternatively, the experience of doing a mundane activity such as cleaning can also be heightened or seem more interesting while on marijuana.

Time can get moderately or semi-intensely distorted while on marijuana. A simple way to describe that would be losing track of time and having the feeling that a short amount of time has passed when indeed a longer period of time had.

Out there today there are mostly 3 main types of marijuana; Indicas, Sativas and “Hybrids”.
Each type of these main varieties, which often have different creative names, will produce a general type of effect on the person consuming it. The effect on each individual will vary from person to person.

The onset of the effects of marijuana will take different amounts of time, mostly depending on the method of consumption and the individual. The quickest onset of effects are by smoking or vaporizing marijuana. In this case, the psychoactive ingredients of marijuana are immediately absorbed into the bloodstream and flow to the brain. Orally consuming marijuana, such as by eating marijuana “edibles” and such, usually take considerable longer for the effects to be felt. Orally consumed marijuana must be broken down in the stomach first before it reaches the bloodstream. This is why some people unknowingly overconsume marijuana edibles, because of the delayed onset of effects. Then when they are felt it’s too much for the person. Caution and moderation should always be observed when consuming marijuana.

It should also be said that using marijuana is not for everyone. Some people will not like or enjoy the feeling that marijuana may produce in them, which can include very high anxiety and paranoia. Always use marijuana with caution and in very small amounts if it is new to you. You will know if it is right or wrong for you when you try it.

Unfortunately, most government studies on the short and longer term effects of marijuana use have focused only the negative of Marijuana use, and therefor present an incomplete and biased picture of this plant and its effects on the human body and mind. With medical and recreational legalization in certain states, this trend seems to be changing in favor of more balanced and robust studies on marijuana and it’s effects, both negative and positive.

Fortunately, out here in the real world there have been thousands of years of recorded safe marijuana use from all over the world in most large and small cultures. The plant has been used mostly for medicine, recreation, and for its fiber but also for many other uses. The positive effects of marijuana on humans and cultural civilization are far more positive than negative.

Effects of Indica Marijuana

Indicas generally produce a more sedative and relaxing effect.

  • Heavy feeling eyes/eyelids
  • May cause tiredness or sleep.
  • Giggly
  • May stimulate appetite (munchies)

Effects of Sativa Marijuana

Sativas generally produce a more upbeat and energetic effect. Outdoor enjoyment or creative endeavors are often prescribed to a day or evening of with a Sativa variety.
For some, this effect may cause acute anxiety. Be with friends and use in moderation if trying for the first time.

  • Moderate to heavy feeling of euphoria.
  • Increased focused
  • Increased general motivation
  • May stimulate appetite (munchies)

Effects of “Hybrid” Marijuana

Hybrid varieties of marijuana are combinations of different Sativa/Indica varieties. So for example, a grower would breed a male Indica plant with a female Sativa plant, and the offspring would be the “Hybrid” variety.

Hybrid marijuana strains compromise the majority of consumed marijuana. The effects of consuming a marijuana Hybrid will depend on the combination of genetics used to produce the Hybrid. If the Hybrid leans more towards the Indica in it’s plant parentage, then there may be a more sedative effect felt from consuming that Hybrid and vise versa with Sativas. Always ask the proprietor of your marijuana as to the effects it may have so you know generally what to expect when you use it.