Benefits of Marijuana

Using marijuana can have many benefits for the individual, both medicinally and in ones personal life.

Marijuana can help contribute to a fuller life experience, an increased “light heartedness”, a higher sense of enjoyment of life experiences and activities. Marijuana can help slow and focus the mind. Historically and ever increasingly, the medicinal benefits of marijuana on the human body are proving to be barely short of amazing, with uses ranging from therapeutic to curative.

While not all people who use marijuana will have all of the personal benefits mentioned above, the vast majority most likely will experience at least some of them. The medicinal benefits of marijuana consumption seem to be considerable.

Marijuana can often stimulate and/or heighten the creative experience by assisting with focus and slowing down the mind, which can be an ideal space for an artist to find creative inspiration.

On the recreational side, a big benefit of marijuana is that it is the safest alternative to other commonly used intoxicants. In actuality, marijuana is many more times safe than what would be said as it’s commonly used equivalent, Alcohol, and often overlooked, Cigarettes. Alcohol and cigarettes account for hundreds of thousands of global deaths per year. Of 10,000 years of recorded use, there has never been one recorded death by overdose or toxic effect by someone using marijuana or any kind of cannabis.

Like all drugs, stimulants, products, habits and hobbies that a person decides to use in his or her life, not everyone will react the same with marijuana. It is always important, as with many choices we all make in our daily lives, to use marijuana moderately and safely. Over or extreme indulgence of anything, including marijuana, often has negative consequences in life, relationships etc. Individuals with certain types of mental illness, or addictive personalities should also generally not use marijuana. Be safe. Be smart.